About me

I always had a lot of passion for the animation movies, since I was a kid, and at seventeen I decided to study tradicional animation to try transform my dream in my work. I was nineteen when I finally could start in my first animation movie and for me was a really awesome experience. 

In these years my passion for 3D animation movies grew and finally I decided to learn 3D because I thought that maybe I could use my drawing skills to make the same but in 3d.

In this time I have over thirteen years of experience dedicated to the world of animation, including the traditional animation works and 3D animation (3D animation movie and video games)

Now, my new dream is improve my day to day work and If I can, I would like to work one day in one of these impressive companies that always we use as reference.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to tell me something about my work. Let me know your opinion!

I hope you like my website.







- 3ds Max


- Photoshop


- Zbrush


- Mudbox


- Bodypaint


- Topogun


- Uvlayout


- Maya 






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